hinata Rental is a camping equipment rental service authorized by STARFESTIVAL2024. hinata Rental allows you to pick up your camping equipment onsite and camp empty-handed. Here are some tips on how to rent and return the equipment, as well as recommended items for your event.
What are the advantages of using hinata rentals?

What are the advantages of using hinata rentals?

This is a great option for those who do not have camping gear, or for those who want to reduce their luggage to make preparation easier! You can return your gear without washing it, making cleanup after your departure much easier. Why not take this opportunity to rent the items you are interested in?

Reservation page and item consultation

The official website of hinata Rental is available in Japanese, so please use your browser's translation function when placing an order. Also, please feel free to use the chat (Channel Talk) on the official website to ask questions or consult with us in English.
Reservation page and item consultation

About the reservation deadline

The deadline for accepting reservations is Sunday, May 12th! Please consider making a reservation as soon as possible, as some items are prone to fluctuations in stock.

Reservations and how to pick up and return rental items

On the day of the event, your belongings will be placed in a delivery bag at the hinata Rental booth in the venue. When you return your equipment, please put it in the bag and return it to the booth.
Reservations can be made through the official website of hinata rental. Please refer to the hinata Rental Information for the information to be entered when making a reservation.
Reservations and how to pick up and return rental items

Reservation Start and Deadline

Reservations for hinata rentals are scheduled for March 19. Some rental items have limited quantities, so early reservations are recommended (the final deadline for reservations is approximately one week prior to the event).

Recommended items for STARFESTIVAL2024 x hinata rental

hinata Rental recommends the following rental products. We will guide you based on the temperature and festival conditions in Nantan, Kyoto! *Please check the product page for set contents.